About us

Fresh dishes
homemade groceries

Traditional Croatian restaurant
with local specialties

In the heart of Lovran, in the old town, there is a nice tavern with a well-known name, which has been building its tradition since 1977, with indigenous recipes, quality ingredients and love for food.

Here food is prepared with love and served with respect. Because in addition to good food, your experience is also important to us, so you go full stomach and with a smile on your face.

Denis Nemet

After 20 years of working with top chefs, I decided to offer guests something I have enjoyed all these years working with chefs from all over the world, and these are the dishes of our grandmothers, simply and without much philosophy, and a taste that goes back to childhood. A short map, with a daily offer that depends on what I find interesting in the morning at the market and through some of my ideas I bring to people on a plate.